My Personal Website -
I wanted to put together a site to let all who are interested in knowing what I am up to and what I do. I wanted to develop a site for the benefit of friends and others. At the same time, I wanted to develop a site that comprised and illustrates several fundamental aspects of web development. This was a past profession, but continues to be a current interest and passion. I have now also added a mobile-friendly version of my site.

Recently, I have been developing more of an interest in mobile app development with a couple apps in the works! In the near future, I'll also be working on a WordPress section of my site as well!

As I wanted to expand upon a simple static site, I have included some Preferences as well. Within the Preferences area of the site, you are able to change the site colors if you wish, and also whether or not to use the DHTML scrollbar that I wrote for this site. Currently, it works for NS 4.X, NS 6+, Mozilla, FireFox, IE 4.X+, and Chrome. As there are more and more browsers out there, I have given the user the option to turn off the scrollbar if it causes problems or if you wish to not utilize it.

I am always open to comments about my site, or if you would like any web or mobile development assistance!