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From elementary school thru high school, I attended schools in Tacoma.

For high school, I followed a few of my family’s footsteps and attended Wilson High School. A few of the teachers that were there when I attended there were even the same teachers a few of my uncles had!

During my Junior and Senior years, I ended up participating in the Running Start program at Tacoma Community College. The only class that I had at Wilson for those 2 years was Orchestra; the rest of my classes were taken at TCC. I really liked it a lot better at TCC as the classes were much more challenging, and more was expected of each and every student.

I ended up graduating from Wilson and had my Associates Degree from TCC at the same time. The decision to go to PLU was fairly easy. I knew I wanted to go into Computer Science, they had a great Orchestra, they accepted my Running Start credits, and I knew who my roommate would be – a really good friend from Wilson.

As a result of having my AAS Degree, I was able to transfer in as a Junior, and start immediately on my major. In the next 2 years, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Since then, I have tried to always keep learning, whatever the subject may be.