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In my years at PLU, I decided to join the Web Development team. I found that this was something that I really enjoyed doing, especially front-end development. I really liked the idea of working with code and graphics at the same time. I knew at this time, that this was a field that I definitely wanted to pursue.

Shortly after graduation, I was hired on at a company in downtown Seattle called Fuze Technologies. Fuze was initially a project-based company. In the most simplistic terms, other companies needed websites built for them and we would create their sites for them. I really enjoyed the entire team there, as it was an entertaining and fun atmosphere with always new exciting projects to work on. This allowed for always learning something new, especially with several new projects. Eventually, Fuze turned into a product-based company which is still running today.

I started out at Fuze as a website tester on a contract position, and eventually became a full-time developer. When Fuze moved to a product-based company, I was kept on to develop a large part of the front-end for the product. As a result of layoffs that affected nearly everyone, I picked up a short contract position working for AT&T Wireless on the Data Developer Program website.

A couple months after that, I ended up with a position at Boeing as an Embedded Software Engineer. This was not doing web development, but it was still doing front-end development. It has definitely been a great experience so far, and is still what I am doing to this day.

For more detailed information about my positions, take a look at my resume!